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Motorola MotoFONE F3 25 October 2007, Thursday

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So I picked up this mobile phone recently, replacing my old Verizon LG VX7000. It was a decent phone, as phones go; you can’t really blame it for poor coverage and reception. It was a little thick at a touch over 25mm (1″) and while definitely rugged, it had a lot of bloat that I neither needed nor wanted.

I figure in a handphone profile, you can either go stripper or ZOMGFEATURES!!11!!one!1!!eleven!1!1.

The VX was neither.

So I picked up the MotoFONE F3, which is not currently available in the US (and made a concurrent lateral jump to AT&T (formerly Cingular) — this is a story in and of itself in that I managed, due to the luck and good graces of JP — to not have to worry about hopping LATAs and thus was able to keep my old number. Yes, Virginia, there is a God, and his name is not FCC regulations and the necessity of keeping competition up by… what was it? Oh, right… preventing people from hopping carriers and keeping their old mobile numbers.

Anyhow, where was I?


So the fascinating thing about this phone is that it is sort of the Luddite’s phone.

It does very little besides make and receive calls.

Let’s see.

  • Phone book
  • Alarm clock
  • Vibrate
  • Ringtones (like, OMFG!)
  • Keypad lock

That’s it!

But on the plus side:

  • 300+ hour standby (12 days)
  • 8+ hour talk time
  • Thinnest phone EVAR (9mm… or… maybe half the thickness of a deck of cards? It’s a touch thicker than a book of matches.)
  • Dual antennas
  • Consumer-grade ruggedization (this guy stomps on his, to no apparent damage) ostensibly designed for rural, third-world countries where you have lots of dust, water, and noise.
  • Cheap ($40 off eBay; no contract; fully unlocked)

I mean, spending money on a UI team has to be worth something (even if they make it worse AMIRITE LOLS????)

We’ll see how well it performs as a phone.

The saving grace of all the kitchen-sink devices these days is that even if they are poo as an auditory-communication device, at least you can txt and surf the web and get maps.

And get cancer…

… where’s my tin foil hat goddamnit!?

nb: Here’s a handy link to more information.



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