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27 March 2008, Thursday

Posted by J. in Uncategorized.

CMR: I don’t like it.

Morriss: Why not?

CMR: I don’t like that there’s no answer.

Moriss: Actually, there’s an answer. The problem is that there’s too many answers.


Morriss: So, you are all going to write the will correctly. Or you could go to a crappy law school and get sued for malpractice. See, when you read the Bar Association’s journal — like, say, the Texas Law Journal — you can flip to the back to read about disciplinary hearings. Me, I look for my old classmates.

Morriss: That’s one of the positives about being a young lawyer. My time is relatively cheap. And I can use it to make your life hell.

Morriss: Lawyers always want to tell people to do nothing. If you don’t do anything, you won’t get sued. If you stand REALLY STILL in one place, maybe you won’t harm anyone.



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